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will eat me when I'm dead, mushroom & fungi eat everything. Are they the dominant species after all? god i hope so. If "dominant" is your paradigmatic choice.

Language, tools & fire are human things. We have these because we are younger brother, a late arrival who came here more naked than everyone else. Wielded with respect and humility and timing, these things assist us in our walk toward becoming-human-animal.

Yes, used unwisely these same implements cause untold catastrophe, genocide and horror.

I submit, our task moving forward is not to jettison our toolbox but to learn (re-learn?) how to listen to everyone else here, to embrace humility, tact, timing and proportion.

To be human is to be one animal among the ten thousand other animals & plants & fungi. But of course, this can be expressed in myriad ways, depending on who is expressing.