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good trolling mixes valid points with specious and aggravating assumptions. you are an example to us all.
what " 'indigenous' make claims that the land is theirs"? and under what circumstances? and speaking to whom? and who attempts to represent a whole mix of conflicting opinions? and who attempts to nail down such representation in a way that impugns a whole conflicted group?
i agree to some extent that naming a perspective after a group of people that right now has mutually exclusive, contradictory, and sometimes awful/sometimes excellent goals and methods (like "indigenous") is a kind of romanticizing.
but naming a position after a relationship to land seems like a different (if related) thing.
regardless of either of those, we communicate in poor words our poor understandings to poor listeners. do you want me to try to talk to you in a language that i make up that has no colonial baggage (except what is part of my mindset that i can't avoid) and that you won't understand in any way? esperanto for the win, yea?

(i'm no longer sure exactly what i'm trying to get at with you, maybe i'm seeing if i can crack what seems like a hard shell around your ideas, for the fun of seeing the interesting squishy stuff you might be protecting. sea otters and urchins, yea? :D)
maybe there is something to talk about here about the mutually exclusive tactics of 1. responding to this terrible world by trying to get bigger (to fix the problems), and 2. trying to get smaller (to stop creating the problems *and* get out of the way of others who might fix the problems better).