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"Fire and surplus are two 'tools' in the toolbox we won't give up ..."

interesting grouping of "tools".

fire is a natural phenomenon that has nothing inherently to do with humans. and humans have never been able to "control" it like most tools. having lived in the southwest for decades, i can assure you humans cannot control fire. but they sure can start it.

surplus, on the other hand, is a completely economic phenomenon. and economics are absolutely a human concoction. but i guess i'd need you to define "surplus" more clearly. is obtaining enough food to last through a storm - or even, winter - considered "surplus"? if surplus is something like "more than enough to survive", who decides what is "enough"? what if someone has a super high metabolism and therefore needs to eat twice as much as someone else their same size? that is not some outlier situation, either. i have known at least a dozen people in my life that literally could not put on weight no matter how much they ate.

fuck everyone that thinks they have "the answer".