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Here is the anon from the library. The library was about to close so I had to leave so I couldn't reply until now.

Nettle, I don't see the point in repeating via text (laborious to say the least) the perspectives of Layla's work regarding predatory the mind-set. Her work is not substituting my ideas; they reflect my thinking too and you could listen to that perspective at your will? And..whether or not I'm putting words into your mouth is not my concern but, rather, how do 'we' get to the 'better' world Chisel mentions. Chisel has picked up on this from what I can infer from their post "aggro anon" which I've just read.

Chisel, none of us communicate with perfectly logical non-fallacies so none of us need explain and/or apologise for that, I hope you agree; let's just communicate. I have read and listened to many a 'tearful' account of the state of things on planet Earth and so what of it: it is getting worse (for many, maybe more than many?) if what is being communicated is true: species extinction, anthropo climate change, pollution, water scarcity... the list is growing daily.

As Layla says and I have emphasised (by agreeing with her point and repeating it on this thread) what are humans willing to 'give up' to achieve this better world? I would ask Chisel, if they feel comfortable in doing so, is to describe this better world and how they envisage 'we' get there? Layla, again, in another interview I heard, explains that she is unsure it is even possible to achieve this better world as 'it' can sometimes appear to be out of our hands: that what is happening on Earth has taken on a 'life' of its own (we're in the lap of the gods so to speak).

As Nettle said, humans are not the same animal as we once were. JZ claims we are the same animal, which is ridiculous to me. For one thing, once upon a time, humans supposedly didn't see themselves as any different from other beings and the space was shared which is certainly not the human thinking of today.

With fire and surplus (regardless of what economic spiel), I just don't see how this better world can ever be. The human predatory mind-set is real. One only has to just look at the human population increase as just indicator of domination.

We (most people) will not even live a life similar to the low-tech (pre-industrial) days. Being forced to live in such a way will encourage some form of escape. So even if there is a collapse, that collapse will be fought as Nature has been fought and the fight will continue until the end, what do you think? What is the ratio these days: 98% human domination with 2% wildlife where it was once visa-versa?

Can you imagine JZ living a simple life; the guy is submersed in stimulation. His mind would breakdown if he were to live life-way of traditional indigenous. " Books! Books! I need fuckin' books!" "Get me the fuck outta here NOW!" So yes, along with fire and surplus, I would the hyper-stimulated of the human psyche today.

Personally, I have given up conversations with 'mainstream' folk as having a 'deep' open conversation of the state of things today is a turnoff for them, preferring to live in denial until the shit turns up at their door, so to speak; part of the rolling juggernaut Layla alludes to?

Chisel, is your better world just wishful thinking as a child wishes it to be Christmas everyday?

I'll leave it there. Thanks to again for taking the time to text-chat. I am not proficient at this and thus it takes me ages so I'm not intending to add more content to this thread.