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well, because, i knew rfa would deliver a response nothing less than satisfactory. oh...*sighs* how i wish there were no "experts" when it comes to dismantling the idea of "eco-fascism" but... shhhh...the left still dominates everything around us. it is not expertise as much as it is bravery. i, myself, did not see lbc on the tabling list for the upcoming seattle bookfair. i can only assume it is because lbc had the courage to table literature that my oh my upset the leftists something fierce!

in response to you rfa...yeah, you get it. i knew that. when you write, i see lightning bolts crack open the sky-painted canvas.

all in all, leftism is so boring. including the nihilist, greenies who call themselves anarchists, but are only foot-soldiers of their own enemies of domesticated moralism.