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First, tho i agree eco might mean chaos in its lets say 'natural' form- there is also 'eco' as in a shortening for ecologist i.e. ppl who in one form or another want to 'preserve' nature/the environment and that this act is not chaotic but in fact a form of management/domination even if the eco itself is chaotic there is nothing chaotic about those who want to manage 'natural' habitats create nature reserves etc.

secondly i have the feeling when ppl especially self described nihilists refer to Eco-fascism not all of them are referring solely to ITS; and i think in the case of this text, it is very much not referring to this trajectory or reverting to a simplistic moralism that bad=Fascism. In the footnotes the writer explicitly refers to Extinction Rebellion and their ilk as an example of the 'Eco-Fascists' they refer to; the argument I personally see here, and am more inclined to agree with than the ITS are bad therefore fascist, is that this group and others like it explicitly demand a state response to climate disaster, work with and heavily support the police, and lobby for restrictive curtails on personal freedom in the name of saving the environment. Although it is perhaps a stretch to say at this stage they are fascist the end point of such ideologies seems to be increased state power, social control, force and heavy restrictions on personal choice/freedoms which perhaps one can see as move towards a more fascistic approach; also many of these groups adopt racialisng arguments referring to the idea that the problem lies in over population in Africa etc. Also there mode of organizing tends to be heavily hierarchical with strong leadership structure, desire to seize power etc.

Tho i agree Its are not fascists, fucking shitty ppl who need a few kicks to the face, and total fucking losers who think they are the glorious enlightened and everyone else is fair game for a bullet, but they haven't shown any interest in seizing state power/ the will of 'the people' unlike XR etc