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Antifa vs alt-right is not LARPing for one single reason: it's setting people up on the stage of the social "reality" (that is a spectacular construct for the most part, of course, if not integrally) instead of being pure escapism (what LARP is).

I know it totally shares all the rest of the characters of LARPing, but for that reason it's *not*. LARPing, like any other game, is not meant to have entry and effect on the real world, even if it can deeply intertwine with daily life (i.e. Discord D&D groups... Pokemon Go... how a certain suburban medieval LARP subculture tends to express itself, etc).

Yell, prance around, complain, troll... It's not going to remove this essential distinction. All Pokemon Go players will testify that their game is disconnected with the real world around, no matter how it's the most invasive and obvious simulacra ever created AS SUCH.