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There's been this tendency over the past few decades of hailing insurgent anarchist prisoners as role models/celebs to identify to. There is some good to it as this could potentially undermine the normative perception of prison as well as helping prisoner solidarity networks within the walls. This has worked apparently quite well in less fucked up places than North America (where prisoners are led to be collaborators of the worst kind), like Italy or Greece, where anarchists have reportedly gained a lot of sympathy from lesser politically-driven prisoners.

Tho let's ask the question Nietzsche dared to ask... Why our role models have to always be martyrs, and won't it support on the long run more resentment-driven morals, instead of more assertive, liberating morals?

Tho I'm not seeing that in the case of people like Sean Swain or Tamara Sol. There's just a pitfall somewhere over there...