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"Wtf does anyone gain from loudly announcing that they really identify with shooting cops? "

Let's ask it the other way around... what do you gain by dissociating yourself from acts of turning back violence against the oppressors?

Yeah yeah I know. Apathy, weakness, resiliation... same old story.

In other words, what is the value, strenght or even relevance of your anarchism if it won't support those who're actively and concretely standing up to the oppressors? Bourque's buddy was a known anarcho of his milieu in Moncton. He was killed basically for just being some lumpen punky guy.

And let's get real... it's saying that in times where some anarchos in Hamilton will be the object of mass media shaming, nation-wide, just because of a small riot where yuppie shops were smashed. To say that there's no gain in supporting acts of violence is totally nonviolence rhetoric bullshit. Like if we support such murder, we'll get all the "public" against us blabalbalbla... Like we haven't got it already!

Violence *works*, but it does only if there's solidarity around it. The cops, government are the first to know this secret. That's why they go to such long distance to publicly discredit any sort of confrontation with the established order and its agents.. in the hope of breaking wider support for these actions.