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Heh! She's not interesting for her critique, which is pretty standard green-reformist shit. I think it's because she's extremely succinct and gives a hell of a good speech, while also being exactly the right combo of identities to play to the widest audience of people who aren't already radicals (i.e., clueless, middle-class white moderates at the centre of the empire)

I didn't know what to make of her until she came to town and it was so weird; this dorky little teenager caused almost every single "normie", non-political person to freak out and triggered some kind emotional breakdown for them. She collapses the "liberal mind prison" and they wig out and actually start thinking and it's not pretty at all! It's awkward or worse and then they start crying or throw a temper tantrum … I do not envy this kid. It's like being a child star in hollywood except with more nazis trying to spit in your face when you make public appearances.

$20 says she becomes a complete hermit by the time she's 25.