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This is using hypothetical scenarios to explain the finer points of theory, something senileoldfools can't do! The whole Capitalist/Marxist binary doesn't exist when one is in the sovereign individualist frame of mind, or SIFM to be short.
SIFM allows one to detach from all cultural values, gender, ŕace, status do not exist. There is only ---How can I best enjoy my existence without any hindrance or authority coersing or placing moral restrictions upon me. For instance, I could be a SIFM in Anchorage during a blizzard, and it would benefit me to be a dishwasher in the local hotel at the time of the blizzard would it not?
As a SIFM, I may have 50 different positions working, hiking, living by the kindness and charity of others, being truly free because I am nomadic and are not restricted by ONE entrapment/employment.
Bring on as many bosses as you like, including the president, because they don't own me, I am a SIFM, and I have a free mental state, the material is insignificant, I SHIT DOWN BOSSES NECKS WITH MY SOVEREIGNTY!!!