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I heard you play The Jam Going Underground and I thought what the fuck does this have to do with anarchist interests? Yeah, so come on, ANews, if you're going to have mini music breaks, let's, at least, have some anarchist clips.

Also, by way of contradiction (but not really) here is a link to a Nina Hartley interview on sexual freedom and consent:

The interviewer is Christopher Ryan, author of 'Civilized to Death'. There are loads of other podcast interviews too: mostly White males. And Christopher does love his quotes (he is an academic after all whilst trying not to be!). Still, Nina is well worth listening to.

For those anarchists who believe in 24/7 angst, opsec rituals, destroy destroy, smashy smashy or flowery language, this may not be for you as it two adults have an interesting dialogue about sex, love and consent (and it is face-to-face I believe), something else the kids are not comfortable with.