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inéditas is fucking dead

via ediciones ineditas

This project is fucking dead.

We want to thank all the people that have supported this project & its aims. Our desire was to be a critical presence within the ultra-left milieu that spoke also of the intersections of race, nationalism & colonialism and sought to connect with our comrades around the world via translation & correspondence.

We’re not disappearing.

Other projects will likely rise-up from the end of this one, but this project grew to be too difficult to manage (and you know how we feel about management). This project started very small and had no intention of reaching its present scale. In line with ultra-left thought, we know that organizations, projects, etc. come and go, and that such a cycle is necessary, but that class struggle itself does not end until all are free. We can only hope we’ve helped further the joint projects of communism & anarchy while this thing kicked & screamed.

For further inquiries you can still send us an email at the address below.

ediciones-ineditas @

Un abrazo,

ediciones inéditas