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being a last over 400 years...that has to be a choice, right? Well, he has a point. There are more of us who are supposedly enslaved and yet, year on year, we remain this our choice too? Do we actually prefer the security rather than the unknown? What are we prepared to put up with? It seems more and more to me. Yes, this is provocatively written but still, the point remains. If things are so bad why, given their are billions of us, do we not just stop putting up with it? I mean, there is the internet. we could organise a peaceful walkout, say for 30 mins per day, just to see if the numbers are in the billions who are in agreement. Even walk out at lunch time just to demonstrate we are not happy. This could be done on a global scale. XR have planned demos on a global scale so did occupy. All that has to be done (initially) is a show of hands so to speak: walk and out during lunch time wherever you are. We are heading to a global dictatorship with 5G 6G 7G etc, the internet of things meaning total tracking of one's life and habits, the Green New Deal meaning an intensification of capitalism and crackdowns, smart cities, social credit scores, universal basic income which can be withdrawn if you dare to fight then it will be way too late!!! Or maybe, we prefer to be enslaved but we don't want to admit it....we have already been infantilised, so domesticated that to be free is just too scary. Kanye West has a point. Thankfully, some enslaved folks still had the belief and the guts and there was others the whites) who appeared to have greater autonomy. When we are globally enslaved and our history has been erased, we will have no reference point, maybe just some repressed aching in our hearts that something is not right, so to speak!