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Things happened, it was great.

To those who were thinking of posting music, it's great that it doesn't expire:
you can enjoy music in 2019 from all previous years, and it can have new interpretations and make you feel different things.

I'd also like to see people respond with their new year's resolution if they're into that type of thing.

"How was your 2019?"
Weird, it kinda blends with the past year and with the next one.
It alternated in slow af moments, and then blur of days passing by.
The two halves or three thirds were each different.
It kinda broke with last year's rhythm, and I don't want to return to it, but I also don't want to repeat this rhythm next year.
There's the good kind of uncertainty; knowing my life could be different, rather than the bad certainty of stagnation.
and i don't mean socioeconomic upward mobility btw. i'm trying to be vague and share at the same time lol.

"What were your favorite anarchist actions and communiques from the year? What made them standout?"

athens went boom (detonated by cel)
cel antennas were fell
vans torched
headquarters ransacked and firebombed
subcowmandante shows how to make a quick big buck
guy shot some cop car from grass at night
gals wrecked shit in mexico
etc etc

"Which social uprising that anarchists are partaking in has the most potential to change everything?"
All of them at once, the interaction. Everything's connected and changing. Not towards progress or stages tho.
Not every year is like this, a lot of revolt/unrest and more to come. It's not prophetic tone, it's just how it looks like at the moment.

"Is there a looming spectre of social chaos that anarchists can prepare for?"

Yes, different kinds of. A way to prepare among many is to really take in the calm moments until you're full to brim of them, satiated to where you can't really stand em, while you can. This will make the eruptions feel like a release/relief, whether you start them out or they startle you, or else you might find yourself craving or regretting or longing those moments if you find yourself in the middle of turmoil for months on end. Savor the calm in between storms, then go wild and celebrate when the storm hits.

"In media, what are the anarchist (and not anarchist) books you think that anarchists need to be adding to their reading list? Can you share a quick blurb of what made the book important to you?"

No more homework pls. Add uh places to your walking and meandering list, retroactively after you've been there and all over and back. Add people to talk to, there's probably someone you've been meaning to pester with questions or curiosity.

"How about music; and please – at risk of creating a comment thread of lonely YouTube links, add some actual sentiment that others may like to hear about what makes this artist / song so wonderful?"

subdued intensity, intense focus, sneaking and prowling at night...a burning passion behind a deep stare

This one is like you feel melancholic, but strong and powerful at the same time; you endure the tempest and enjoy the overcoming of resistance, your knees hurt and you feel cold, but your core has more than enough fire and energy to get you home:

Here's a short concert, all the lyrics are wonderful, the interpretations are perfect and the music is catchy.
The relatable lyrics coupled with the interpretations make it hard for me to sing along cuz i swell up with emotion with a knot in my throat (except for the "cannot eat money" chorus one, just corny, tho true). So much intention put into each enunciation of each word.

This one very fun to sing in falsetto XD:

This comment doesn't do justice to the year, the questions in the prompt, nor the songs, but week's almost over and I hadn't commented yet, lol.