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Video compilation of protests and direct actions mostly but not entirely in the DC area as the resistance against the regime of Donald Trump enters its third year. (16 min 58 sec)

Begins with the "government shutdown" (cops, prisons NOT shut down of course..) that pitted Trump against his own workforce, highlights multiple confrontations with fascists, features the month-long siege of the Embassy of Venezuala, and ends with the impeachment of Donald J Trump. Protests and battles of all kinds rock the streets in between. Lots of marches and civil disobedience, occasional fire and smoke.

We know Trump won't be removed by that MAGAT-ridden Senate, and that even if he was he would still be the GOP candidate for 2020's election. Racism, hate, and concentration camps are still on the ballot, only question is whether they will be on both sides of the ballot.

Be ready for a very rough ride in 2020 and the Great Grandmother of All Battles on Jan 20, 2021 if Trump claims to have been re-elected and is to be inaugurated a second time. Not J20 2.0 but J20^2, and that goes double if it is a disputed election.