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TOTW: What "Not Anarchists" Influence Your Anarchy?

Anarchists have never existed in a vacuum. We are a part of the world we live in as much as we might want to destroy that world. We interact with the (not anarchist) world in ways that both influence it and are influenced by it. While this is true on every level of day-today life, it is especially true in how we engage with writing and thinking from outside anarchist spheres.

At varying times anarchists have found influence or inspiration in the work of existentialists, situationists, post-modernists, anti-state communists, tiqqunists (so many -ists!), et. al. This is both worthwhile, in that it engages with the world we live in, and the not-anarchist ideas around us, and it is dangerous. Often anarchists who take a deep dive in to non-anarchist thinking end up abandoning anarchy for the more practical, the more formulaic, the more efficient.

What are the non-anarchist writers and thinkers you find influential or inspiring? Why? How do you integrate that into your anarchy?