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this podcast was waaaay too short, but still enjoyed it nonetheless.
a good point was brought up I thought - well not exactly, but the topic of really bad translations of non-english language content came up - there seem to have been a lot of this in 2019, here's hoping it gradually gets phased out in 2020.
I think that one way to avoid the embarrassment of poorly translated content on english-language anarchist websites could be to provide a brief english-language summary along with accompanying photos and of course a link to the original content. should be noted that this will generally only work with direct action type stuff - when it comes to things like essays it is preferable if you just leave it the fuck alone - you could always ask around or get in touch with projects that are good at this type of thing and ask them for some help - ye olde communication.
I think readers would much prefer this kind of approach rather than ridiculous attempts at translating that just make your project look really silly.
back to the podcast, looking forward to more episodes in 2020! this episode was shorter than usual, but the a-news podcasts are generally quite short & to the point - hopefully the overly long people babbling incessantly about their project(s), their fundraiser for their project(s) and so on for over an hour will gradually be phased out in 2020 too.
oh, and happy new year!