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"Nihilism should be pessimistic, suicidal even. Fuck this world, hope for its ending."

it's very easy to end this world. place barrel of gun in mouth, pointing up and slightly back. pull trigger. or choose your preferred method of personal extinction. if you hate the world so much that you want it to end, then end it. fortunately, you can end YOUR world very easily. beyond that, you're just another authoritarian trying to force others to live/die by your rules.

believe me, i am no optimist. i hate this fucking world, and i want it gone. but i also love the life i create for myself, and all the non-human life i see around me. so i choose to live in my world, my way. when i am done with it, i will end it just as i have suggested to you above.

so please, stop your bitching and fucking do whatever it is you feel compelled to do.