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"I imagine that moderating appeals to a relatively specific kind of psyche."

those who have a vested interest (normally not in terms of money) in content control. People who like rule-sets and standards, whereas for me personally i try to just see things the way they are and understand my own biases. Maybe i should give modding a shot? No thanks. All internet communication is a degradation of communicating. I prefer email overall because it's very direct and confrontational.

As far as my standards, the only thing i expect is for people to respect me just as a living animal or a human. I've noticed people get really mad when you flip their standards and control methods back around on them, so i tend to do that if someone isn't making any sense to me in their demands.

We all use forums (for all intents and purposes this is still a forum) for either learning information, pleasing mental chatter, and/or seeking attention.