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at this point in time (contrary to me at the beginning of last year or previous to that) i completely agree.
it took the lobbying of a harassment campaign of committed trolls to convince me of that it might be a good idea to make username only. i fear that measure might not stop the behaviors you seek to discourage. is the measure a true solution or wishful thinking to cure our ails. maybe if we are more frequently nicer to each other, we could alleviate the sting and hurt and toxicity from the trolling and even things out. i think we do get carried away because we think we're not hurting ourselves or anyone, that it's just harmless fun. but we do have feelings and we're often eroding each other's dignity while typing away.
i get that we have disdain and no respect for authority, and even some disgust at "humanity" (with a special tier for the commenters of forums like these, jk?), but something resembling a basic respect might make it a more pleasurable experience overall.