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however the real world is worse in part because of the internet, the internet encourages people to be super cold and ghosty with each other. The internet also does degrade communication skills for most people, even though i've largely used it to help myself in that regard.

even if @news listened to my suggestion, there would still be tons of places you can log in as an anon. All you would have to do on here is create an email address with a fake name. Demanding absolute anonymity on the internet is either for people who are cowardly, paranoid, insecure, actual "dangerous" people, and/or people who are running from the law. I seriously doubt anyone on here is actually running from the law, but hats off to them. Sometimes I've fantasized about the terror and excitement as part of being a fugitive, but probably not a good thing to arrange! One day i think i am actually going to go to a random city and just lie about who i am for this purpose, see how long i can get away with it.