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I've never seen what i've typed before (just that one comment above) on this website. I'm very well aware that other people have probably said the same thing before, and that i'm not that unique. I'm certainly not "special".

And putting the burden of being original, especially on a website that regularly recycles content, is not reasonable. That's kind of like expecting the people on here to thoroughly read the articles multiple times on here before commenting. Expectations are largely un-productive and are based on a fantasy world.

Also, to beat this dead horse more ferociously, something being corny does not make it BS or "shitty", those attributes being very similar for obvious reasons lol. I think I'm going to leave my copy of the tao te ching on my desk so i can leave a quote at the end of every post i make on here, just to re-emphasize my easily steal able screen name.