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David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti have a series of dialogues where they dive deep into what these terms possibly mean. For those who find this subject matter interesting, I highly recommend: They come to similar perceptions as Alfred Korzybski, as explained in his structural differential, that there is an infinite, pre-symbolic, movement going on, of which we are inseparably a part. This movement is not reality. Korzybski and Bohm/Krishnamurti both refer to this infinite, pre-symbolic "thing" with different terms (eg. 'WIGO' and 'actuality'). 'Reality' is the conditioned, subjective experience, so eloquently put by Robert Anton Wilson (influenced by Korzybski) as a 'reality tunnel' due to it's idiosyncratic nature (i.e. private mixture).

Through understanding the nature of these things, I agree, nihilism necessitates the dissolving of belief in the righteousness of one's reality tunnel (i.e. reality) and any [fixed] meaning and/or truth drawn from or through reality.