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lol why are you so nasty to your poor little strawman? and who's the royal "we" in this scenario of yours, exactly? the "proletariat" who want to feel better about being too exhausted or lazy to do something besides netflix? fuck off with your trolollol

look, this was never a serious discussion because nothing was defined at all. if you want to have a serious discussion, you could define parameters but otherwise we're left with a pointless exercise about which tone of discussion better suits people's mental health or personal preference or whatever? aka: another online circle jerk about nothing. I certainly didn't say anything for you to reasonably conclude that I'm all about trying to class reductionist to street battles FTW therefore activist shame cuz you didn't want to put pants on all week. That said, rest assured I'll keep stopping by to make these jokes until the grid fails or I'm too old to smash the keyboard, whichever comes first.