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Announcement of new: 'Queer, Nihilist, and Insurrectionist' Zine/Online Distro.

We announce the opening of a new project 'Down and Out Distro' which aims to create a place to bring together Queer Insurrectionist and Nihilist critiques, as well as identity abolitionist and anti civilization perspectives.

As part of this project, we have been collecting, reformatting, and distributing new renderings of some well known journals (including extracts from Hostis and Lies), as well as involving ourselves in the production of new texts and analysis. At the same time we want to provide a kind of archiving/collection space to host texts from other existing formations, and projects in queer nihilist and insurrectionist trajectories.

A Short List of Samples Some of Our new Zines:

'Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous' (reflections on the ‘beurette’ identity, against humanity – in pursuit of self-abolition)- Is a text charting, a trajectory of colonial and neo colonialism, the text attempts to deconstruct to forced categorization of individuals within the walls of civilization and advocates for categorizations abolition.

'On Queer Nihility'- A short, and basic introduction to some of the tenets of queer insurrectional and nihilist praxis.

'There is a Third Thing'- A re-rendering of a text originally published in Hostis volume I of an interview with Marcola (alleged head of the PCC- Brazilian Organized crime gang)- with new pictures, and a brief summary of actions from the PCC.

'To be Liberated From Them (or through them)'- A re-rendering of a text originally published in Lies I, addressing questions of identity abolition and identity based struggle.