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Fauvenoir (not verified)
Article was fun read,

Article was fun read, refreshing for a leftie activist-leaning site, but no it didn't really got to the point of tanks in the streets in the US, afaik. I like the spirit of this writer who's being a lot more anti-government as today's anarchos would be expected to be, and this is where "we", imo, have failed to grap a moment, and instead, that other "anti-establishment" crowd, the Far Right zombies, have sadly become the most recognizable opposition to the Covid State.

On your 9/11 comparison... We even had meetings between liberal academic students on the wake of 9/11, so anarchists meeting too was obvious.

But here, back in March, meetings didn't happen afaik because people weren't really sure what to expect... then (mostly) everyone got scared and went in isolation. I think some well-connected people were talking very seriously this maybe 1-2 weeks in advance but that's it. Like I remember catching a student group and a community food bank in the middle of some tense privy meeting, a few days before the full State drama exploded, but nothing more public.

So yeah, there was no writing on the wall or any other major event... just a fake promise that everything would go back to normal in like 2 weeks after the Ides of March, and we all know what happened, now.

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