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twatt (not verified)
fuck work

ok easy to to do, what to do? gotta eat, gotta be warm or cool, gotta be healthy gotta get, gotta go...

to reject a life without work, without job, without career, without money, salary, as much a failure of imagination as it is unquestioned economic imperatives. imperatives drive and workers go along to get along.

the false or at least overplayed tension between capitalism and communism is as worn-out as the workers who "voluntarily" continue powering their chosen machinery.

seeing then understanding the barriers to a rich and vibrant life without reliance on socio-economic command and control systems is a good first step towards opening space for imagining something richer than wealth, more satisfying than promotions, more healthful than medical insurance plans and more pleasurable than a vacation. then to destroy or to get around those barriers becomes the game of life.

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