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gives me an idea that would probably go nowhere/not work but might be worth trying since its would take no organizing. It could be fun to do an entirely fake project, like 100 percent fabricated, just claiming to do stuff that either doesn't happen or isn't done by the people claiming it.
Some ways to do this might be:
1. Claiming responsibilities for crimes that you know happened but didn't have anything to do with: break-ins, robberies/muggings, random acts of violence if that's your bag, even sillier things like bikes being stolen. Obviously this is the type of thing that could go on longer the less likely it is that the crimes can be solved.
2. Fake report-backs/communiques from events that never happened, as big or small as you like: marches, protests, book-fairs, conferences, letter writing nights, skill shares, potlucks, mutual aid events, etc.
3: Announcing events that will never happen and then reporting back afterwards as if they did. This is the same as example 2 basically, with one extra step. Maybe something fun that could fall under this category would be the announcement of the opening of a new infoshop or social center at some hard to find address.
If the type of thing you're not doing is more activist-y and less criminal-y (more like 2/3 than 1) you could just make an entire fake newsletter to compile your fake events and distribute it regularly. This strikes me as probably the most viable and sustainable option out of all of these for getting your anarcho-fakenews out there.
Whatever it is I think the important thing would be to keep it going long after the jig is up and everybody knows its fake, but I'd say at least try to keep your identity as the faker a secret.