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in regards to projects and naming or not naming them: I have a project with no name that is carried on within myself, at the individual level. I often feel compelled by people driven to do something exploratory or challenging insofar as that challenge or exploration relates to their self directly.

You could call this an aspect of individualism- but what do individualists call a project they want to share between each other?

Once you go to the other side, of joining organizations, falling in line with doctrines, parroting the talking points of others, I think the individuality starts to effectively seep away from that person's views and desires.

What kind of projects do humanist or socialists value over individualists? This thread now has some interesting examples of what individualist projects are, but are we leaving some projects out accidentally?
What about artists? etc. Inb4 armchair diss by _Flame_thrower_Anon. k thxbye