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Coping with being a sexually-inhibited person with occasionally devious attractions who can't find a way to talk straight to a young women he comes across.. always putting on this paper-thin "PR mask" that is as good a prison than walls of thick concrete (mainly due to being "outside" yet not able to get help). Dealing with this shit, on a regular basis, is tearing my soul apart. It's impossible to talk to others about it irl. People are just way too private, enclosed, insular and of course with all the loads of judge(-)mentality that comes along with that. Internet porn the solution? Just like using meth to alleviate heroin addiction.

That'd be too easy to throw the blame on the leftists for their shitty private libertinism, behind the political bs curtain, or even at the more mainstream normies foe having a happy, healthy, active sex life. I'm jsut at the receiving end of their fucking system of privilege, and all there is left for me is... go around telling rando females wanna fuck them? My libido's my worst enemy, ever!