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TheTao (not verified)
oh i do

with my zany, hostile, stupid, nihilistic comments, but then then it will get deleted often. There was even a very controversial and disturbing TOTW i submitted once for the sake of challenging one of the major tensions in anarchist thought (to put in a few words, exclusion politics), and the collective just took the little part of it they liked, removed all the emotionally disturbing stuff, didn't tell me why they weren't publishing the article as i politely asked them to do when i emailed it to them. This is what they replaced my TOTW with:

now, that is actually a good topic of the week, and i don't mind it that they used the "story" theme of the one i submitted, however i did ask them to tell me that IF THEY DIDN'T THINK IT WAS WORTHY OF POSTING, to tell me why.

The other issue is that i don't appreciate submitting content or writing through an attempt of trying to push the things i want into an anarchist box. What's the point even? I'll try to play games while in anarchist territory a little bit but in the end the more filters i apply to my self-expression the more awkward and idiotic it feels.

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