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Everytime I've helped people I tell them I'm an anarchist and that's what anarchists do AND THEY LAUGH AT ME and call BS and that anarchists wreck things and steal off of hard working people and don't believe in private property AND CALL ME LOOSER LIBERAL instead.
Are self identified anarchists like myself just fooling ourselves? Aren't we really just weak Christian losers or misfits, like that word sociopathic describes us and criminals, individuals who can't fit in to a community, BUT PREACH ALL THE TIME, like Jesus did, not idols meant for him no flags or borders, turning over the tables of merchants was his no consumerism and private property, his miracle of multiplying fish and bread was just getting people to share, BUT ITS SO DAMN UNHUMAN AND WEAK, we didn't get this far in evolution being kind and sharing, OH NOOO, WE STOLE AND TOOK WHAT WE DESIRED, BUT WE ANARCHISTS CRINGE AND FLAP OUR HANDS WHEN STRong men impose thremselves on oùr posteriors. Why why why are we psychopathic pathological meak political jesusfreak high on shrooms, it sounds good, BUT WE'RE ALL WEAK AS PISSSSS!q