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Scripta Manent Trial Statement by Comrade Gioacchino Somma

Originally published in Italian at Croce Nera Anarchica, English translation via AMW.

Two years after the beginning of this trial, which I am facing with my comrades, anarchist brothers and sisters, and after letting the prospecutor speak, with a sick fantasy that does not surprise anyone, today more than ever I reaffirm with even more force the fact that I am an anarchist, an individualist and an insurrectionist.

Having read thousands of pages of court files, written by the different inquisitors of Turin and Naples, has made me even more convinced that it is better to sometimes have problems with justice, rather than for it to agree with you.

I keep my ideas, which you do not like because they aim at the destruction of everything that has to do with your miserable world.

If I could have chosen, I would never have been born, but others chose for me and I was only able to live in this world in my own way. I will never be part of the herd to which you dictate the path of grazing… I am different. I prefer to leave the trails and walk with the wolves.

Guilty or innocent?

No thanks. I leave this dirty little game to you.

I am an anarchist, so your enemy forever!

I am alongside my brothers and sisters, who you keep locked up in your state prisons. I am in solidarity with my comrades Alfredo, Nicola, Alessandro, Danilo, Marco, Anna, Valentina and all anarchists detained for other reasons all over the world… from South America to Greece!

It will not be the threat of the blade of a sentence hanging over my head that keeps me away from them.

It hurt me not to be able to write to them during these two years, but I decided not to throw pearls to the swine… and it is clear that the pigs are not my brothers and sisters in prisons, but those who followed me for six years, those who put a microphone in my room and those who listened to everything going on in this room. Fortunately, I blocked the eye of your dear Agent Elena, this crap that still vegetates today in my computer. I hope to have only offered you material for your “intellectual masturbation” and nothing else…

For me, it is a compliment to be defined as “terrorist” by a state that, through its armed forces, murders in its police stations, in its barracks and in its prisons; that has always been the legal facade of the Mafia, Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unita, besides being the author of massacres in squares, trains, planes and that lately has been submerging boats loaded with people who are abandoning the places where they were born because of the wars the West has waged in their countries.

Yes, I want to subvert all that!

As I said at the beginning of this trial, I claim as mine and only mine the project of RadioAzione, on the site of which I published all the texts with which I feel in affinity, complicity and solidarity. I claim the texts signed “RadioAzione” as mine and I confirm that I still think today what I thought at that time. I claim every word said on the radio. I claim the will to translate texts claiming direct actions carried out by anarchist comrades all over the world. Because I am for direct action! I claim the fact of having translated the texts of the anarchist comrades locked up in prisons around the world. I claim to have supported, collaborated and organized meetings for Croce Nera Anarchica. I claim to have always supported fellow prisoners, even with initiatives for their economic support. I claim to be anti-authoritarian, individualistic, for the insurrection, for the destruction of this dirty and foul world and for the destruction of the Capital State!

Always your enemy!

For Anarchy!

Gioacchino Somma