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I was excited to see a post left critique of labor organizing but was saddened to realize that it’s just leftists dunking on leftists for being bad leftists.

From my experience labor organizing for a union they basically used the workers at our shop for their national campaign. This jeopardized many workers jobs and the would be radicals ended up congratulating themselves. Nothing was won beyond some minor concessions and many lost jobs. The local IWW chapter was also full of the worst class reductionist anarcho bro’s. They spent most of their time in meetings but mostly shit talking about insurrectos and other organizations. All of which were so minor in our city. Every campaign to unionize small usually food service shops failed because the iww had zero political power. When some neckbeards with cargo pants and syndicalist flags showed up the bosses laughed.

They would constantly appeal to other “comrades” for money and membership. At this point any iww chapter is just a larp fest.