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Incendiary Dialogues

Incendiary Dialogues

From Attaque

We present a new book from Internacional Negra Ediciones [Black International Editions], an internationalist project for anarchic diffusion that, from informal and sedicious anarcho-insurrectionary wills, resurges once again in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian with a new title: «Incendiary Dialogues: for the propagation of anarchic sedition», based in the epistolary exchange between Alfredo Cóspito, Gustavo Rodríguez y Gabriel Pombo da Silva, around the course of their anarchic war.

We've consciously decided doing this launch on May 22, in opportune celebration of the Day of Chaos, remembering our anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales, who a day like today in the year 2009 left this life while fighting against Power when the bomb he carried in his backpack blew up, which detonated prematurely a few metres away form Chile's Gendarmerie School.

We dedicate this book to all our comrades in jail around the world, with a special dedication to Alfredo Cóspito, jailed in Italy, and to our beloved Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, who was detained in Portugal and extradited to the spanish State the moment this book was released. We send all our strength to comrade Gabriel facing this new vengeance of the authorities for his eternal irreducible struggle.

This book counts with printed versions circulating through spaces with which we have affinity, between diverse anarchic comrades and projects around the world. We invite you to actively support its diffusion by sharing the digital version, printing copies and/or carrying out presentations and book launches
wherever there are wills willing to do the impossible to propagate Chaos and extend anarchic war.

Wills and editorial collaborators of Internacional Negra Ediciones [Black International Editions].
May 22, 2020. (Chile) (México) (Brasil) (Italia)