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You can’t really “go after the cops” in a frontal attack, unless you want to die.

Sure you can. Most people are just pussies, that's all. I used to live up in the Yukon, and I would watch First Nations occasionally get into fights with the local RCMP. They didn't put up with shit from cops, and they were usually even unarmed. Imagine what 5,000 rioters could do in downtown Minneapolis if they had guns....or any balls.

"By rioting black people are basically saying “This is what we look like when we don’t give a fuck. You have no power over us.”

That's odd, since if that were true, riots would always usher in a revolution due to the power relations being upended. Yet they never do.

"But the economy has control over people, people can’t riot everyday forever. It all goes back to normal, but not because they’re afraid or get tired, but they need to keep on living despite everything."

Yes, riots always END, because the authorities allow riots to burn themselves out. The feeling of "you have no power over us" is a temporary illusion the police let you have. Everything always goes back to normal precisely because riots never fundamentally change anything. Authoritarian power, and the economy are never toppled or destroyed by riots. In fact, the authorities usually manage the riots by driving riots away from certain areas and towards others. The reason for the riots are never consummated. Vengance is never satisfied. The cops who did the killing are never caught or dealt with by the rioters themselves. Thus, there are never any consequences to what cops do. There is no threat to the system. There is only smashism, resulting merely in a clean up on aisle 3. Riots actually help capitalism, since to clean up and repair broken windows and burned buildings requires more money to be spent into the system. The authorities and cops learn how to navigate their PR and manage riots for 'the next time'. Their containment strategies get more efficient. Meanwhile, anarchists keep doing the same dumb shit every time. They learn nothing, and keep using the same tired old tactics.

At least this time, some people went directly at the police station. That's what we need to see more of.