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"love and hate are proper egoist ethical substitutes for spooky kooky right and wrong."

zig, you truly come off as the self-proclaimed arbiter of egoist moralism. stop it.

but big navi clearly hasn't let go of the moralistic state-mind.

i personally would always try to target my response at the perpetrator of the specific situation i was responding to. in the context of a specific incident like the murder of someone i care about, i would go after the murderer directly, in any way possible. but when you are a poor person already, and on top of that you have an abundance of melanin that points institutional racism directly at you, then attacking generalized icons of all that institutional racism (cops and their shops) and classism (capitalist enterprises) is absolutely understandable to me.

on the other hand, if (for example) you destroy all the grocery stores in your area, and you have no other way to obtain food and other essentials, then i'd question your approach. especially if everyone else in your neighborhood (if you care about them) also relies on that grocery store.