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what's been termed in

what's been termed in urbanist cricles as "retrofitting suburbia" will end up happening.
some sprawling metropolitan areas will become more densely populated by housing and retrofitted to accommodate more multi-use businesses. 5g network will make telework viable from even more remote, and affordable, locations. cities will rather demolish "vacant" (or occupied by "homeless" people) and unkempt buildings than let them be repurposed by lefties, except for a few cases which will happen if they're lucky, privileged and they play their cards "right" (implying concessions or submission). an aging population makes for less younger people to occupy many places, plus availability and concentration of those willing across large cities which are far apart. gentrification implies the poor have been displaced, so the yuppies could move in. if the yuppies then move out, who's left? there exists plenty of ghost towns and abandoned walmarts, yet people don't flock to them, they don't find them as appealing as informally occupying some piece of rural land and setting up there, calling out less attention to themselves and staying there longer before anyone bats an eye.

on the whole, it will not be perceived as a big shift, or at least not as big as the urbanization (migration from rural to urban, and the transformation of rural into urban) of the past centuries has been, which has had existential consequences for life on earth on the whole.

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