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To expound, recent events elsewhere exposing important looking buildings as being empty, while unassuming warehouses are stacked to the brim with key resources.

But to go deeper, it’s important to understand the important role that obeying and playing along nicely, the underlying system of values, has in preserving the status quo. “Not complying is necessary, but insufficient; it is also necessary to “refuse to command” and to refuse to cultivate an ascendency over one’s fellows.“

It’s amazing that a group of people can manage ti overrun a police station. Now, can a similarly sized group of people manage to live together without bossing/obeying and policing each other? That’d be pretty amazing as well and seems even harder to do.

Some think that’s impossible, so you should stick to quit bossing and obeying by yourself, and attack! society! and do whatever. That’s seems pretty impressive as well.