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Cumann na mBan, who Connolly fought along side of during the Easter Rising was a all womans brigade. While today we may come to expect such all women fighting units in places like Rojava (YPJ), but 100 years ago this was a mark of how advanced and radical the Irish revolt was. Furthermore, the fact that Connolly and major sections of the revolt (ie the ICA) recognized that expelling the English was not enough (and instead that they had to internally free themselves from capitalist oppression in all its forms) is also another clear indicator that the revolution of 1916 (which pre-dated the Russian revolution) was historically remarkable. Coupled with the fact that the Irish were not considered "white" ("whiteness" being a fairly recent capitalist construct) by the English of the American elite, the Easter Rising must be viewed as one of the more significant leftist revolutions of the last 200 years. All respect to Connelly and those that have carried the struggle forward to this day. Solidarity.