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Self-determination is totally at the center of Vladislav Surkov's "sovereign democracy", jsyk. But deeper than that, his ideology seek to build a "fascist international" made of sovereign nations brutalizing their own populace without any external interference whatsoever. They seek to come back to the old closed political systems of national enclaves limited by borders.... where of course the oligarchs (read: State-backed capitalists) can still have it their way internationally. Trump and the John Birchers are for such a plan, and there's nothing holding back from postulating that this "new IRA" isn't covertly supported by Russia's "balkanization" politics, at least on the surface.

Like I said before, big externalizations create wide dead angles for the people taking part in those movements. Which is one of the reasons why abusive, despotic authoritarian patterns are allowed to take root and takeover everything... when they're not running the show from the start.

Above all this, fuck those national liberation politics. That's an oxymoron. None of these projects (maybe with the exception of ETA and Rojava) are after a progressive utopia with cops, prisons and borders... they're after another capitalist and repressive management.