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"IRA, Black Liberation Army, the American Indian Movement, Brown Berets, the Palistinians, the Zapatistas, the FLAN, FLQ (...)"

*Pikachu face*

That's one huge national soup right there, bro! With ingredients that got very little to do together, aside than a kind of identity politics, or ethic separatism.

The funniest part was including Quebec's farcical liberation front, that like existed for a few years and died before I (and you?) was even born. Buncha brainwashed dudes who avoided to address -due to their fixation on the British Empire bogeymen- how fascist petty-despot Duplessis -one of the forefathers of Quebec nationalism- has fucked up the Belle Province even more than a P.E. Trudeau would have ever dreamed of... starting with creating the fucking SQ, along with a "moral police" that fought behaviors subversive to Catholic values, authorizing the mass-shooting -with live ammo- of autonomous asbestos mining strikers, having the RCC in his Cabinet all the while giving away contracts to US big business.

Like I said... HUGE dead angles of externalization.