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I'll speak as an internet based illegalist.

Firstly fraud. Sure Teejayx6 claims to have made millions, but the fraud game sucks these days. Even with hundreds of cards, the process [finding a drop, using a hacked rdp server within blocks of the cardholder and buying from sites with little heuristic analysis, then flipping the goods for cash or bitcoin] does work but can take ages. People are still persistent and selling credit card info can be lucrative.

Secondly general hacking. If you have a bitcoin address and enough knowledge you can crack and transfer your way to a nice amount of money. Ransomware, wipers, ddos are all good but I'd really suggest reading Subcowmandante Marcos/Phineas Phisher because hacking a bank still works and will for a long time.

But seriously fuck being on the computer all day and night. It's the type of gig that will keep you extreeeemely noided even if you use Whonix or w/e and despite the fact that the pigs rarely catch us. Do what you want but don't get fucking caught.