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I remember Aragorn! discussing once or twice the importance of separating what you do for love from what you do for money. recently I came across Ran Prieur taking a similar stance in their How to Drop Out.

I wonder what folks have to say about this separation, and if you happen to love (or at least enjoy) what you do for money: what/how does that look for you?

not being a specialist, Ive taken on many different types of work. I also try to get work that balances physical labor and sitting/screen time, teaches me skills that could carry over into other pursuits, and (perhaps most importantly) allows for the most personal autonomy* I can possibly get from something as loathsome as a job.

*this has looked like less oversight in order to steal, not only available things I may want or need, but my time back (listening and learning with podcasts/lectures/music), and as much on my own terms (deciding what and when I do it) as possible.