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i remember for a while anarchists would get brought in to universities to do talks which paid a lot. anarchist students or anarchists with student friends would form a group and get funding and then circulate the cash to people they liked to come talk about some struggle or theory or something.

the non-union workplace takeover was also a move. a bunch of anarchists working the same shitty job at a cafe or grocery. made for a much easier time stealing shit, asking for more from the boss, or fostering a slacker/anti-snitching culture.

med/opinion/marketing studies were in fashion in a few cities. places with lots of universities or research institutes are where they're easiest to find. some of them were pretty gnarly and others were as easy as saying your opinion. the pay varied wildly from study to study.

also 420 harvest was hot for a while, and maybe still is. i'm not connected to that so i don't know. seemed like people could live off of it.

most of these weren't taken up to make tons of money as much as to minimize work from what i could tell, or at least that was my approach.