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eco-facists mostly just appear to be boogeymen, they're someone's critical word and characterization for real life positions.

I think the position that immigration is bad because poorer people consumer more resources in the richer country they wind up in is pretty close to a real "eco-facism", but then again that's just an "environmentalist" position taken to its logical conclusion. If i were into cutting carbon emissions, i would want people driving fewer SUVs, hence that would be a logical anti-immigrant conclusion.

Eco-extremism also comes pretty close but that's more of a scummy and more of a "low-level" criminal way of looking at it. Any position that advocates the destruction of a single type of animal is very similar to facism IMHO.

Really i think a lot of people talk about Eco-facists because they are weary of someone using "the environment" as a justification for killing people. As was said before by someone else on here, real Eco-facism would be a statist authoritarianism based on conservation ethics. It probably won't happen but it very well could: the excess and humanist oriented behaviors of modern day society seem to prevent it, hippies already opened pandora's box and i don't really want anyone to close it...unless were talking about humanism which to me has some very irritating pitfalls.