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Has this discussion already been snarked to death? Whatever.

Maybe the problem is the basic definition? Mine leans towards fascism being the reactionary pseudo-populism used to crush grassroots liberation and anti capitalist movements and tendencies. It makes up lots of stupid gibberish reasons for why it wants to do this but who cares? The enemy pours poison in the ears of fools.

A lot of the confusion comes from taking fascism's dishonest rhetoric at face value. ie. watch what it does, don't waste too much effort trying to make sense of a pack of murderous lies on its own terms.

So if that's the case, then "eco fascism" is probably just one more ruse thrown on the pile in an attempt to inspire stochastic terrorism amongst the gun polishing hysterical audience of needle dicks its always been trying to appeal to.

You're not an "eco fascist" just because you hate most people or think civilization is going to destroy itself (it is) but if you shoot up a mosque and claim it had something to do with climate change, it doesn't really matter what word I use to describe your bullshit. You just need an extra hole in your head.

Anyway, there's another take to do with the tech bros like Peter Thiel but they're most likely smart enough to understand exactly what they're doing: weaponizing the stupid half of the poor to kill the smarter half for them when things start to really get out of hand. As for how "ecology" factors in, Pete likely wants to keep the last of the drinkable water and edible food for himself, simple as that lol