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Excellent choice of targets. But while I am second to none in wishing to see the United States of America go bye-bye, I am sadly disappointed that this can't be accomplished with a few short lived episodes of profoundly enjoyable righteous window bustin.' That's totally harsh on my vibe -- for real! -- I have the same attenuated attention span as every other product of consumer society in the You-Ess-Aye and can't interrupt my busy schedule of doing nothing with my life to "get stuck in" with more persevering forms of action and engagement. Also, when it comes to looting, I'd past on the Evil Empire of Starbucks, since I can't stand their beans -- not good for my Alfredo-Bonnano-style stove top Mocha pot from the Carrefour near Diagonal in Barca. Peets French Roast Deep Roast is the one I'd prefer to target -- the buzz I get off it makes me way-hella-insurrectionary!

Also, mad props for borrowing your conceptual framework from Stalinism, my fellow spiky enemies of all authority! The focus on "White Supremacy" and "Colonialism" dovetails nicely with the glorious General Secretary's thesis in the 1930's that black people in the United States are an oppressed nation of a new type. Race before class! And a salute for not saying anything that might resonate with people outside of your social set as well. It ought to win you a lifetime of invitations to all future Its Going Down 40 ouncer parties.