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The most "decadent complacency" is within the shallow morals behind comformity and resignation.

Maybe you haven't seen enough student or office parties where decadence is the dominant pathos.

My greatest point of contention with authoritarianism (the general authoritarianism we got in this society) is this decadent morality... where the Law becomes the only moral compass, and people accept any new order just "because they say so".

The whole Covid tragedy has made this pattern bold and clear to everyone. If they suddenly decide to restrict the use of a public beach, or keep a campus shut down even as cases have reached a bottom level, and this goes all unopposed, that's pure authoritarianism right there.

"Maybe the whole game is always about trying to keep a lid on the uprisings?"

What do you mean here... Riots as pressure release valves? In that sense, maybe...